Video: 9/11 In Plane Site Rebuttal

9/11 In Plane Site Rebuttal. I bought a copy of Naudet 9|11 DVD after watching "In Plane Site". Wanted to see what the raw frames looked like for the flashes. The flashes are there all right, but I don't think "In Plane Site" extrapolated correctly from the single frame of flash. I basically spent a few days taking in conspiracy theories and the rebuttals. This is a summary of my findings.

Internet Archive: MPEG-2 (original), MPEG-4 (plays in QuickTime).

Update [2005-02-11]:

I'm deprecating this video. I still believe "In Plane Site" contains definite misinformation regarding bright flashes before impact of planes against world trade center (my video stands in that regard), but the argument is moot. "In Plane Site" no longer represents current conspiracy theory arguments. If you want to see a compelling 9/11 conspiracy theory video, watch Loose Change 2nd Edition (downloadable here). I am not vouching for its accuracy, nor saying it is incorrect. I have not yet formed an opinion either way (doing so will take some time). But I do recommend people watch it, and follow up with their own research. And please feel free to contact me with your analysis. I've posted further thoughts on my rebuttal's IA splash page.