CpRW: Site Up

I've made serveral references to an "Open Source Movie" I'm working on. Its called "Cyberpunk Ride West". The script is still being written, and I'm not sure yet when I'll try assemble cast and crew. I don't think there's much point trying to get people involved until the script is done. However, there are some musical numbers in the movie, 2 of which have lyrics written. If anyone would consider composing music for them, check out the lyrics and see if you want to get involved.

I don't consider myself musically talented in any way. If you can improve on the lyrics, go for it.

This blog will not be broadcasting minor status updates of CpRW, as OpenSourceVideo is really just to track all my skits and stock footage. But I'll make another CpRW post when I'm ready to start actively looking for participants.