Video: SugarPlumHoneyBun

Blaise sold his soul. He didn't have to pay very much money... but what will it cost him!?!

This is my first skit shot on HDTV, 1280x720x30p. While the finished product doesn't exactly scream HDTV, trust me it was a heck of a lot easier to crop and retouch shots without the damn dirty interlaced fields.

Internet Archive: QuickTime, WindowsMedia

Watch the license. I used music tracks off ccmixter.org and couldn't secure commerical re-use from everyone, so the skit itself is under a more restrictive license. But (as I'm trying to always do now) I've uploaded the raw footage with wider cuts (and usual license) for easier reuse.

Posted the soundtrack to ccmixter.org which lets me document recursively where all the audio components came from.