Video: 20041102.Last.Chance - 9/11 Timeline

9/11 Timeline. This is a chronological recap of 9/11 events, based on 9/11 Commission Report. 9/11 CR findings (and other pertanent news stories) are displayed at their appropriate times. Audio includes radio scan of firemen's radio frequencies.

CNN, Fox, Naudet and Booker Elementary footage play in a 4-way split screen. The CNN and Fox footage were aquired off eBay. Booker footage from BuzzFlash.Com and MichaelMoore.Com (both sites offered slightly different coverage).

Full length (44 minute) version on Internet Archive: QuickTime, WindowsMedia, MPEG-4.

There is also a 12 minute version (only) in QuickTime. It shows strictly the "My Pet Goat" footage... nothing new if you've seen F9/11.

If anyone wishes to re-use this video for any purpose... I've got no problem with it. I've selected a rather restrictive licence only to bring attention to the fact some of the copyright holders might take a different view of what constitutes fair use. By some of the copyright holders of course I mean Fox. But I wouldn't just drop it into a commerical project all willy nilly.