Video: blah-blah-blah Make Movies

Zombie at School Of The Dead set. Hey kid... you wouldn't download a movie would you? Of course not. Then WHY are you stealing that old lady's purse?

The MPAA has expanded the scope of their anti-piracy campaign, with spots specifically targeting horror fans, Bridget Fonda fans, and porn lovers. We salute the MPAA in their stuggle against all that is evil.

R4NT.COM has a nice splash page for all 3 videos: Zombies Make Movies, Script Doctors Make Movies and Fluffers Make Movies.

I'd appreciate anyone reviewing these videos on Internet Archive. Even if ya think they suck.

UPDATE [2005-05-07]: Added raw footage used to make all 3 MPAA ads to IA. Basically slightly looser versions of same footage, dialogue audio only.