Stock: 9/11 Chronology - Source Material

CNN and Fox live coverage.Japanese live coverage.
The CNN and Fox live news footage found in 9/11 Chronology I purchased in 2004 via eBay. After I completed the project, I deleted the digitized copies from my hard drives (they were too big to archive easily). Since I've been asked many times for copies of this footage, I re-digitized it and created a simpler split screen which I've posted to Internet Archive. (I can't post anything simpler then a split screen because the footage is copyrighted, and I need some sort of recontextualization of the footage or else IA will not host it.)

There are lots of source files which I've already described on a dedicated IA splash page here.

And please understand this "stock" footage is still copyrighted by CNN, FOX, etc. Documentaries are given greater flexibility under copyright law than works of fiction. You can presume (like I did with 9/11 Chronology) that you have recontextualized the footage enough to be safe, but FOX may not see it that way.


Stock: Canadian Geese and Goslings

Canadian geese and goslings.
Dusk. Canadian geese and goslings. I move towards them with camera on "steadycam", they run away. Used the camera-on-pipe-with-weight steadycam as described in MAKE Magazine. Footage is upside down because I turn the steadycam upside down to get camera close to ground, and reverse it in post production. Frames are progressive so no interlace to complicate the flip.

MPEG-4 (QuickTime preview), MPEG-2 (HD 1280x720x30p).


Stock: Robin in Nest

Bird robin in nest.
Robin sitting in nest. Almost completely static, but I was unable to break the HD MPEG-2 original down into a smaller sized clip.

MPEG-4 (QuickTime preview), MPEG-2 (HD 1280x720x30p).


Stock: "Beefy" Pitbull Upper Lip

Beefy upper lip.
Pitpull's face as it lies upside down on grass. There's a lot of camera movement here, but for the moments the camera is stable, the dog "beefy" looks pretty gross.

MPEG-4 (QuickTime preview), MPEG-2 (HD 1280x720x30p).


Stock: Calgary Cityscape Timelapse

Calgary cityscape.
Static shot of downtown Calgary's cityscape. 20x timelapse and 100x timelapse. Motion in shot is clouds moving overhead, shadows they cast, and trees being blown by wind.

Was shot at 1280x720x30p (16:9). There was minor camera movement in raw footage, which I corrected (best I could) using Adobe After Effects 6.5's motion tracker. End result is black borders around image occasionally move a bit into the frame. Certainly this footage can be cropped in on to provide 16:9 or 4:3 coverage at NTSC resolution.

020x: MPEG-4 (QuickTime preview), MPEG-2 (HD, 1280x720x30p).
100x: MPEG-4 (QuickTime preview), MPEG-2 (HD, 1280x720x30p).