Stock: Gord Runs Down Alley

Gord run down alley. Gord runs down alley away from camera. Gord runs down alley towards camera. Camera does not move.

Take One: MPEG-4 (for QuickTime preview), MPEG-2 (original, 1280x720x30p).

Take Two: MPEG-4 (for QuickTime preview), MPEG-2 (original, 720x480x60p).


Video: Leaking Like A (v098)

Karl Rove. A "rapid response" video to ongoing (and classic) Bush administration shenanigans regarding "leaking". Touches on:
  • Bush administration leaking Valrie Plame's identity.
  • Bush administration leaking sexual orientation of a critical reporter.
  • Bush administration leaking Khan's identity in 2004, and London bombings being a possible result.
Internet Archive: WindowsMedia, QuickTime, MPEG-2 (original).

I've created a dedicated splash page here, with links to all cited news articles.


Stock: Cute White Dogs

Cute white dogs sitting on sidewalk. Two cute white dogs sitting on sidewalk as people walk by. That is all.

Internet Archive: MPEG-4 (for QuickTime playback), MPEG-2 (original, 1280x720x30p).


Video: BC-STV Postmortem

BC-STV. Review of "First Past the Post" (most common electoral system in North America) and its alternatives. In depth review of Single Transferable Vote as suggested by British Columbia's Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform.

What? What's that look? Oh the Single Transerable Vote electoral system is boring? You thought it sounded boring, so you tried watching my video just to be sure, and were bored to tears? You started smashing your head against the monitor it was so boring? My friend, STV isn't boring... you're just crazy is all.

Internet Archive: WindowsMedia, QuickTime, MPEG-2 (original).

Everything you ever wanted to know about STV can be found via Wikipedia. And thanks to ModernSingleDad.com for the sneakycam footage.